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Paypal-Secure Payment

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Manual directory submission services Builds One-way, quality links for your website. Improve your search engine rankings. Get your website submitted to SEO Friendly, FREE and NON reciprocal web directories at affordable price!

We manually submit websites to 100s of quality, non-reciprocal, search engine friendly directories to build life long one-way links, get targeted visitors and improve search engine rankings.

Calculate Return On Investment (ROI)


  • Consider our deal of submission to 500 directories for USD 75
  • Consider only 50% directories accept your site submission
  • Further you can safely consider that every directory which accepts your website will send your way at least four visitor in the entire year! (yes, four visitor in 365 days)

That means you will get 250*4 = 1000 unique visitors in a entire year for a cost of USD 80. So you will get one unique visitor for less then 7 cents!!

To add to that you consider all these as a bonus:

  • Improved rankings due to one way links (anyone who knows Search Engine Optimization, knows how important is one way static links for improving website rankings)
  • Any additional visitor due to more directories accepting you (a 100% possibility as we have more than 90% acceptance rate)
  • Any additional visitor (coupled with the multiplying effect of the above case) that these directories will send your way above the "under-estimated" four visitors a year.

Convinced?   Then what are you waiting for! Choose the package of your choice right away and place your order now!

Manual directory Submission

DS1 250 5 5-7 days $ 39 order
DS2 500 5 5-7 days $ 69 order
DS3 750 10 8-10 Days $ 99 order
DS4 1000 10 10-12 Days $ 139 order
DS5 2000 11 15-20 Days $ 249 order

Delayed Submission

Take advantages of Natural Link Building we have launched new dealyed submission packges. Delayed Submission method is a best way to build Natural Link.

DDS1 900 90/15 Days 10 5 Months $ 139 order
DDS2 1200 50/15 Days 15 12 Months $ 229 order
DDS3 1800 50/15 Days 18 18 Months $ 299 order
DDS4 3000 60/15 Days 30 25 Months $ 499 order

If you have any question about your order or wish to speak to someone before placing your order, feel free to drop us an email at

DetailedSubmission Report is provided after completion of work which Helps you to identify the exact category and PR of the  directory where we have submitted your website.

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We hope to have addressed all your doubts and queries! So, choose your desired package and place your order now! In case you have further queries please feel free to write to us at

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